General Advertising Creative & Copy Guidelines

This guide gives a brief overview of the advertising guidelines for the images, copies, titles, and descriptions to be used in your campaigns.

Image Description

1. The ad title and description should be grammatically correct. Titles/descriptions must use proper grammar and punctuation.

2. The ad image should not contain a phone or WhatsApp number.

3. The ad image should be of good quality and must not appear blurred/distorted. Great attention should be paid to the image quality; if it looks amateur in design or has blurry sections it would be declined. Also, ad images must not contain so much text.

4. The ad image, the title, and the description should accurately reflect the offer, product or content on the destination page and must not create a false impression about what is being promoted.

5. The ad title/description must be a complete sentence and must not contain an ellipsis at the end.

6. Except the target landing page is a signup page, it must contain exhaustive information about the promoted product, service, or offer.

7. The ad website/landing page must be live and accessible; the website should not be down or under development/maintenance.

8. If the target page is a sales page, it should be properly formatted and should not have formatting issues that may pose navigational challenges to visitors.

9. The ad image must not contain a third-party logo or any trademark copyrighted to a third-party/brand. For example, an advertiser cannot use an ad image clearly showing the Fiverr logo except you are a direct representative or marketing staff of Fiverr, or have received direct authorization from the brand to use their logo or trademark(s) for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

10. Advertisers are not allowed to directly link to third-party brand websites. For example, a Namecheap affiliate marketer may create an ad linking directly to Namecheap pages; this is not allowed. You should use a landing page that would then contain a link to Namecheap instead of linking directly.

11. The ad/campaign audience category must match and correlate with every element of the ad.

12. The ad website/landing page should provide visitors/customers with the terms and conditions of using your product, service or offer.

13. The ad website/landing page should ask users for permission on personal data processing where applicable.


We strongly advise you also read through our advertising policy.

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